Welcome to my Rawlicious world. Rawlicious Delicious is a site that offers inspiration for wholesome vegan food and healthy treats. Recipes focus on pure, high quality ingredients, natural food and fresh ingredients. Only gluten-free, dairy-free dishes and natural sweetness. Simple, mostly raw vegan food.

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My name is Heidi. I am vegan and a health nut. Vegan, because I love my body, the planet we live on and I love animals. I am also the recipe creator and the voice behind Rawlicious Delicious. I was born and raised in Finland. Currently I live in Bundaberg, Australia with my man, my best test audience. I love fitness, traveling, yoga, photography (which is my new found hobby) and food!

After graduating from the University of Helsinki in 2010, I have spent my years traveling and as cliche as it sounds; “finding myself”. After traveling around in India and south-east Asia, I found myself living in Bangkok, Thailand, where I worked as a sales consultant for almost two years. I did not enjoy my work and knew I needed to come up with a new plan. I packed my bags and decided to take a leap of faith and move to Australia! Soon after I started my blog, Rawlicious Delicious, and my raw vegan food business, here in Bundaberg.

I don’t like labeling my diet to fit into any category, but eating plant-based wholefoods, makes my body and soul feel good. I choose to nourish myself with colourful fruit and vegetables. I don’t strictly follow a raw food diet. Usually my dinner is something cooked and during the day I am happy munching fruit. My favourite foods are watermelon, potatoes and leafy greens.

With the knowledge I’ve learned about what animal products do to human body, our earth, and our animals – I choose not to put anything that has caused suffering in my body. The food I eat shouldn’t require murder. Humans can and are thriving without eating animals.

I love learning and educating myself about veganism and I am hoping to inspire some of you to do the same. I am grateful of being able to do what I love for work and share my passion with you. On my website, I am hoping to inspire you to incorporate more plant-based foods in your diet. Or if you are already vegan, maybe my website gives you some new ideas! I am very passionate about animal rights and in my dreams, the world will one day be vegan. Call me naive, but I believe dreams are here for us to make them reality!

Happiness comes from feeling good about yourself and the world and believing that you can make both yourself and the world better.

Lots of Love,
Heidi xx