About Heidi Turunen


My name is Heidi. I am the founder of Rawlicious Delicious. I was born and raised in Finland. I currently live in Bundaberg, Queensland with my husband, who is the second half of team Rawlicious Delicious.

After graduating from the University of Helsinki in 2010, I have spent my years traveling and as cliche as it sounds; “finding myself”. After traveling around in India and south-east Asia, I found myself living in Bangkok, Thailand, where I worked as a sales consultant for almost two years. I did not enjoy my work and knew I needed to come up with a new plan. I packed my bags and decided to take a leap of faith and move to Australia! Soon after I started Rawlicious Delicious, raw vegan dessert business, here in Bundaberg. I am so grateful of being able to do what I love for work and share my passion with you.

We create healthy, indulgent vegan food for everyone to enjoy. We put a whole lot of love and time into our hand crafted treats and food you deserve. We love what we do, so the secret ingredient is always love. We believe in compassion, so our food is always vegan.