Mat Grills aka Tattoo Runner
"Rawlicious Delicious is like a breath of fresh air to the region! The care and time Heidi puts into every single one of her creations is inspirational and super tasty.  It is an honour to know her and be able to support the business in Bundaberg and beyond.  As a vegan athlete, I try my best to fuel my body with high quality nutrition and Rawlicious Delicious fits the bill in every way!  Everyone could benefit in supporting this wonderful local business.  Keep the yumminess coming Heidi!"
– Mat Grills aka Tattoo Runner
"Heidi, the gorgeous talent behind Rawlicious Delicious, has absolutely nailed the concept of 'healthy delicious'. Not only are the sweets and savouries beautiful to look at, they're also delicious, full of flavor, nourishing and satisfying. Heidi has inspired and impressed me with her ever growing selection of raw goodies. Rawlicious Delicious is a firm family favourite."
– Amanda Brosnan
“I want to thank you so much for all the effort you put in making the goodies for me. They are absolutely amazing! The kids love them as well. It's great to see them enjoying good treats instead of rubbish. You and your products are amazing! You can tell everything is made with love and you obviously have a passion for what you do. Just wish I'd ordered more! Thank you so much.”
– Rebecca Bell
"I had a customer come into my Superfood Bar, who had tried some Rawlicious Delicious raw treats at a recent market in Bundaberg. She was raving about how great it tasted and that I have to start stocking their raw treats. After finding Heidi's page on Instagram, I had to try it myself. Low and behold it tasted just as good as it looked. We have now been stocking a range of Heidi's raw treats exclusively and the Gladstone community loves them. We love being able to offer our customers vegan, gluten-free, dairy-free and refined sugar-free treats, that are hand crafted and made with love. Heidi is a pleasure to work with. We look forward to continuing to build both our businesses together."
– Chris Beasley, Buzz Superfood Bar
Leaf n Bean

"As a cafe owner, we needed an option available for gluten and dairy-free for our customers to enjoy with their coffee. The Rawlicious Delicious products are consistently of high quality and a favorite of many of our customers."

– Kellie Tate, Leaf n Bean Cafe
"As a keen consumer of fine foods, and a vegan, I was excited to see there was a business with vegan treats in my town.  Initially I thought Rawlicious Delicious was a café so was a bit sad I couldn't get that café experience in an all vegan venue, as I absolutely adore eating out.  None the less we gave the home deliveries a go and my kids and I have been delighted with each one.  So much so that I ordered a delivery for my colleagues at work too.  They still talk about how good that was.  My daughter also ordered some for her school teacher and her friends which were gobbled up with delight.  When we make an order my kids get so excited, they divide all the treats between them, carefully guarding their share like it is precious bounty.  For me it is the meals that I love, the flavours are magically luxurious.  I soon found myself driving across town to purchase the Rawlicious Delicious cashew nut cream stocked by a local supermarket.  It has also inspired me to purchase the ingredients for my own vegan cheese (not yet made, but hey I am a food lover and sadly an untalented cook).  Heidi has real talent.  So in a nutshell, my honest testimonial is this; Rawlicious Delicious  is inspiring, delightful and a mouth-watering treat my whole family loves."
– Michelle Keely
Anita Cooney
"I'm not a vegan or vegetarian, or follow any paleo or fad diets, I just like to eat food that's good for my body that tastes good! And I must admit when I first took a chance and tried a Rawlicious slice I was very pleasantly surprised! It was her Snickers slice and it really tasted like a chocolate bar, and even better, it was all raw, natural ingredients. Since then I have tried a lot of Heidi's products and have loved every single one. I think though, what sets Rawlicious apart is the care and love Heidi puts into creating her food, and the pride she takes in making it. Thank You Rawlicious Delicious for sharing your amazing treats, and finally bringing Bundaberg some healthy food!"
– Anita Cooney