Mukti Organics Anti Aging Review

I discovered Mukti Organics products last year and I have used their skin care products ever since. I wrote a review of their range for sensitive skin, that I have been using for quite some time. I turned 31 this year and let’s face it, I have noticed my skin aging. Especially in winter, my super sensitive skin gets really dry and irritated easily. Which then, of course, shows little wrinkles and fine lines more easily. I have been wanting to try Mukti Organics anti aging range for a while now and figured it’s now or never. I have been using natural and essential oils in my skin care routine, but my relationship with serums and special products has always been a little touch and go. Sometimes I have time and energy to use masks, exfoliate and apply all kinds of lotions and potions and other times, well, not so much. I decided to be consistent with my new purchase of Mukti Organics anti aging products to really see if they would make a difference on my skin.

Mukti Organics Anti Aging

Lets face it, who can resist a product that is said to be a topical Botox? Not me, that’s for sure! Unlike toxic chemicals, Mukti products only contain organic natural ingredients, sourced from Australian nature and are completely vegan and cruelty free (aka they are not tested on animals nor they contain any animal based ingredients). The Mukti Organics anti aging range contains three products, day serum, night serum and eye serum. I got them all, to reap the benefits!

What Mukti Organics says about the product on their website: This serum is proven to provide a visible “face lift” with results using key actives showing a greater than 20% reduction in wrinkle volume and 15% reduction in wrinkle depth over 60 days. I have now used the products for a month and I have noticed my skin being softer, even and brighter than before. I absolutely love the eye serum, it is honestly the best eye product I have ever used. I noticed the fine lines getting lesser and my eyes look more bright, if that makes sense! I saw the results within a week! My skin is very sensitive and I am often careful with the products I apply on my eye area. I have experienced an allergic reaction one too many times and let me tell you, it’s not fun and games.

Mukti Organics Anti Aging

If you only purchase one product from the Mukti Organics anti aging range, I would highly recommend the day serum. It sinks into the skin, leaving my face soft and smooth. It’s fantastic product to apply under your make-up and keeps the skin nice and hydrated all day. I easily look tired, when my skin is dehydrated and dull. I have very busy and hectic schedule most of the time, and unfortunately that easily shows on my skin. After using Mukti anti aging products, I have noticed my skin looking more even and radiant. And it has helped me to manage my problematic winter skin a lot. I also love, love, love the night serum. There’s not many things as luxurious than applying beautifully scented serum on your face after cleansing and then diving into warm and cozy bed.

Mukti Organics

Without a word of lie, these are the best skin care products I have ever used. Mukti Organics is so luxurious and elegant from the packaging and branding to the high quality ingredients in their products. I love it that they are cruelty free and contain no nasty chemicals. What comes to price, it’s a bit more high end product but I truly think it’s very much worth every dollar. I also have a treat for you! Mukti Organics offers a 15% discount (omg yay!) for my readers with rawdelicious code only. So head over to Mukti Organics website for some shopping and don’t forget to use the special discount code on check out (the offer is valid until 31st of August) xx

Mukti Organics Anti Aging

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