Raw Crepes with Caramel Apple Filling

These raw crepes with caramel apple filling has to be one of my favorite dehydrator recipes. No surprise it’s a sweet recipe. I am well-known for being a sweet tooth. It’s also ridiculously easy recipe, because it requires only few ingredients! Raw Crepes With Caramel Apple Filling


4 large ripe bananas
¼ cup flax meal
1 tsp vanilla powder

Caramel Apple Filling
½ cup pitted soft dates
1 tbsp nut butter
1 apple, diced
¼ cup raisins
½ tsp vanilla powder
½ tsp cinnamon powder
pinch salt
water or plant-based milk if needed

Raw Crepes With Caramel Apple Filling


  1. Process all the crepe ingredients in a food processor until very smooth mixture is formed. Spread the mixture evenly on a teflex or baking paper lined dehydrator sheets. Ideally, you want to spread it relatively thin.
  2. Dehydrate at 45’C or 115F for 3 hours or until you can carefully peel the crepe off the paper or teflex. The crepe should still be pliable.
  3. Place dates, vanilla, cinnamon and salt in the food processor. Blend till dates are broken down. Add liquid if needed and blend till smooth caramel consistency. Add diced apple and raisins and pulse till mixed through.
  4. Once the crepes are done, spread the filling on top. Best served warm, straight from the dehydrator.

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