Raw Nutella

Homemade nut butters are super easy and relatively quick to make. And the good thing about making them at home is that you know exactly what’s in them. Raw nutella is not exception, even though it has few additional ingredients in it. When I shared my Nutella fudge recipe I was requested to share a recipe for homemade nutella. So, this recipe is a reader request! I would love to hear from you lovely readers and post the kind of recipes you want to see here.

Raw Nutella

To make this raw nutella, you need to make hazelnut butter first. How long this takes, depends on your food processor. If you have powerful food processor, this step is rather easy. You can speed up this process by placing the hazelnuts in the oven on a low temperature for few minutes, just to warm them up a little. This will help the blending process, since the nut releases its oils faster, when the hazelnuts are warm. When you start blending the hazelnuts in food processor, the nuts will first turn into hazelnut meal. Then it seems like nothing is going to happen. Keep blending and scraping the sides of the bowl. This process might take 5-10 minutes, sometimes even longer. Just when you are about to lose hope, the hazelnut meal starts to turn slightly oily. Keep blending. Keep blending and scraping the sides until hazelnuts turn into hazelnut butter. That was the hardest part! Then you only need to add rest of the ingredients and you have beautiful, healthy, raw, vegan nutella. No nasties. And it’s ridiculously close to the real thing!

The sweetness of this raw nutella is totally up to you. Start with 1/4 cup of maple syrup, or other liquid sweetener of your choice. Maple syrup is my favorite in this recipe. Instead of maple syrup and cacao powder, you can also use dairy free melted chocolate, if you happen to have that handy. You can use this raw nutella as a spread like you normally would, or in different recipes, like nutella fudge, for example.

Raw Nutella


1 cup hazelnuts
1/4 cup maple syrup (or more for sweeter version)
1/4 cup raw cacao powder


  1. Blend hazelnuts until hazelnut butter is formed. This might take a while, but just keep blending and scraping the sides of the food processor bowl.
  2. Once you have the hazelnut butter ready, add maple syrup and raw cacao powder and blend until smooth. Enjoy!

Tip. If the raw nutella seems too thick to your liking, add few tablespoons of plant-based milk.

Raw Nutella


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