What I Eat In a Day?

What I eat in a day? People frequently ask me, “what does your average food day look like?” or “what do you eat?” People ask this because they are not sure what vegans eat, or because they see my Instagram feed and all the yummy raw cakes in there. Well, I can tell you my day is not this totally different, fancy raw recipes and cakes type of day. To be honest, I tend to eat very simply and I often return to my favorites. I tend to have periods, when I eat ton of potatoes, for example, and then I go off of them and move on to something else. Last year I was known to eat half a watermelon for breakfast. Every single morning. Now, I am on grapes phase.

Something that is continuous though, is that every day includes lots of veggies and fruit. I start every single day with a smoothie or a bowl of fruit. I never really combine fruit (except in a smoothie). If I have whole fruit, it’s always just one sort, like watermelon, grapes or apples. No reason behind it, that’s just how I roll! I have fruit in the morning and sometimes for lunch too, but once I have had something else, like cooked meal, I tend not to eat fruit anymore on that day. That’s because fruit digest faster than anything else. I have noticed I sometimes get upset stomach and bloated belly, when the fruit can’t move through you fast enough, when something else is blocking its way.

To start the day….

I drink a liter of water first thing on the morning. Staying hydrated is super important. My go-to breakfast is whole fruit or smoothie, like Raspberry Rose Smoothie or this Papaya Banana Smoothie. Sometimes I throw in some fresh baby spinach in what ever smoothie (you can’t really taste it!) to get those super important greens in! Smoothie is a perfect start for my busy days! Oh and I also drink coffee. Yikes! I don’t drink much of it, I have one black coffee or an espresso in the morning and that’s it. I do it, because I enjoy it. I often have my coffee in bed, while going through emails and messages. And then I have breakfast, while replying to those messages and going through my to-do list of the day. Then it’s time for Crossfit, which is why fueling in the morning is super important to me.

Raspberry Rose Smoothie

Lunch time!

My lunch is often a salad or a wrap filled with fresh spinach, lettuce and other veggies. I love how easy and quick wraps are to make. I just use what ever veggies I have in the fridge and I use shop bought rye wraps. Sometimes I throw in some tofu or chickpeas too, for extra protein. My days are always pretty much the same. I come home from Crossfit and sit down for lunch and more work on my computer.Chickpea Wrap


What’s for dinner?

I love to have a hearty cooked dinner at the end of the day. Most of my days I eat raw food during the day, but cooked warm meal for dinner. My favorites are vegan curries. I often make a big batch of curry enough for few days, so I don’t have to be cooking all the time. Confession time: I am not very good at cooking for myself. I spend most of my days in the kitchen, creating raw treats for other people. Especially after massive days, the last thing I fee like doing, is more cooking. Some of my favorite dinner recipes are: Tofu Spinach Curry, Black Bean Tortillas or Tabouleh Salad.Black Bean Tortillas

There’s always room for dessert!

I love desserts. No surprises there! My dessert is often something new, that I have been recipe experimenting that day. Some of my favorites, however, are Raw Caramel Slice, Coffee Bean Ice Cream or Vegan Protein Brownies.

Vegan Protein Brownie

What about snacks?

Usually I am not hungry in between the meals. If I am, I will have snacks. I hate feeling hungry! So if you are hungry during the day, go for it! When you starve yourself, you end up making poor food choices. Ideal snacks could be fruit or you might want to keep healthy raw snacks like Peanut Butter Jam Balls, Granola Yogurt Pops (great for breakfast too!) or Raw Granola Bars in the freezer.

Granola Yogurt Pops

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